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About JiHaa

JiHaa is the one stop shop of founder Erik Hoogendorp. JiHaa is a design agency that mainly works for its own clients and sometimes as art director for communication agencies.

For my clients I develop brands. I develop those brands by writing strategy and design from a logo to the production of a design system and websites.

The basis of all these steps is the visual language that is associated with a product. With visual language I connect to what the user already knows about a product or service. If you connect to the knowledge or a feeling of the person you are communicating with, it is easier to build a relationship.

The idea behind a good visual language is that it develops along with the company. Just like spoken language, the visual culture changes. The basic visual language must be clear and straightforward so that the development of the communications remains understandable but also inspires and activates.

My skills range from hardcore letter freak and illustrator junkie to digital qualities in creating interactive mock-up's and Wordpress pages.

...and when the work for JiHaa is done, I'll cut typography, screen print posters and work on my autonomous project Flat-Space.