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BBB corporate style


Coaching programme culminating in the design of a new identity.

PON bought 12 bicycle brands, including the successful Dutch BBB brand. However, the market started waging a two-front war on BBB, from above by the quality brands and from below by large Asian producers. A response was in order.

The insight was that much could be gained by improving the collaboration by the marketing, product development and design departments. The new insights derived from this integration resulted in the briefing for BBB’s new identity. The team sessions made clear that there continuously was too much noise in any decision made, be it design-related or organisational. To arrive at the desired premium image, we arrived at the principle of ‘less’. By applying ‘less’ to existing items and communication concepts, together with the team, a clear line was created and the various teams were better able to review each other’s work.

I was part of the Qua Associates team as a design director. As such, I was involved in developing a briefing from the start. This briefing was further developed together with the local 2D and 3D team. I further coached this team in developing the new house style, communication and marketing items, which I incorporated into a house style manual.