Hold Your


  • Sports & Leisure
  • Take-over and decreasing market share
  • Increasing consistency in brand image of an international surf fashion label
  • An iconic Amsterdam club
  • Identity and communication
  • RET loyalty programme in public  transport area of Rotterdam
  • Gaining more insight into travel movements for service optimisation
  • Developing joint identity for public and private parties and programme communication
  • Plastic Fishing Company
  • Started out as a sustainability project and is growing into an international company
  • Developing identity and communication
  • T-Mobile loyalty programme
  • Improving customer retention
  • Developing sub-label
  • The first circular skateboard brand in the world
  • Spin-off of Plastic Whale
  • Developing sub-label
  • Bike parts supplier
  • Lost market position due to increasing competition
  • Monitored repositioning with brand vision development, translated into marketing strategy and working method
  • Youth music channel
  • No longer reached its target group
  • Identity upgrade through design and innovative integration of online and TV


Trouw Amsterdam

OV Miles

Plastic Whale

T-Mobile extra