Pon Bike promotional picture with mtbPlastic Whale promotional picture with boat (mobile viewport)
Pon Bike logo
Pon bike promotional poster
Pon Bike brand bookPon Bike brand bookPon Bike brand bookPon Bike brand book
Pon Bike promotional picture helmet
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Pon Bike promotional picture ebike
Pon Bike promotional picture

Pon Bike

Development of the BtoB umbrella brand for the bicycle brands which Pon had aquired.

We wanted to use the heritage and transform it to a strong brand ready for 21st century. Second was to design a platform for the excisiting brands, which kept their identities, and still show the added power of a team with knowledge in a wide range of mobility solutions.

The main ‘fix’ we made was adding the URL extention .bike and we also developed a grid structure to combine visuals to express the wide range of the portfolio.

Part of the Qua Associates team I worked on the identity, produced the CI guidelines, stationary items and other means.I recently designed the sub-brand structure.