Pon logistics bannersPlastic Whale promotional picture with boat (mobile viewport)
Pon logistics logo
Pon Bold Condensed
Pon logistics font
Pon logistics promotional picture
Pon logistics promotional picture
Pon logistics
Pon logistics
Pon logistics

Pon Logistics

The Pon Logistics logo had already been developed by QuA, but the request was whether we could take it a little further. 

The Pon logo and the Logistics logo were two separate logos next to each other, we wanted to create more of a link between them. 

The Pon typo was drawn in a very extended style and to remain that family feeling we decided to draw a condensed version. That's how the Pon Bold Condensed font was created which formed the basis for the Logistics logo and is now also used on various means.

QuA designed the logo.  Together with Frank Dresmee I designed and produced the font and the Corporate Identity guidelines were produced by the Launderette.